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Our Surgical Center

Our experts provide treatments that will relieve pain, increase motion, and improve your quality of life.
The Surgical Suites At Newport Center offers a full range of care
for the injuries effecting your ligaments, bones and joints. Our
state‐of‐the‐art outpatient facility aligned with our high quality
physicians and other local healthcare experts provide you with the
highest quality care at the lowest possible cost.
With the understanding that care needs to be centered around the
person, we have taken a team approach to treating
musculoskeletal care injuries. The medical teams we work with
are experts in your doctor’s protocols from pre‐operative x‐rays
through surgery and all post‐operative therapy care. Our team
works in harmony with these medical professionals day‐in
–and‐day‐out executing the care of thousands of patients like
Instead of being left to navigate your entire care alone, we bring
together over 10 sub‐specialty orthopaedic surgeons, pain
management doctors, physician assistants, nurses, occupational
therapists, physician therapists, and sports medicine support staff
through either direct patient care or providing information and
access to these other healthcare experts in Newport Beach,
California. The goal is to provide convenient person‐centered
care, using customized care plans for improving your health.
As a freestanding ambulatory surgery center that specializes
solely in musculoskeletal care, our center was designed to
provide you with a convenient, safe and comforting experience.

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