A Minimally Invasive Alternative to Traditional Knee Replacement

Proving comfort and improved function for patients awaiting total knee joint replacement.

Innovative Technology.

  • Custom patented, iKnees provide patients with custom pliable bone caps made to fit, padding distal femurs.  Cushioning femoral iKnees glide against tibia and patella retained cartilage, preserving bone, and ACL ligaments.

  • iKnees intend to reduce pain and improve function for enhanced Activities of Daily Living (ADL)

  • iKnees are approved for IDE trial use in 100 patients as Non-Significant Risk (NSR) per Institutional Review Board allowances

iKnees are finally available for trials in patients with “reasonable expectations”.

As temporary spacers covering distal femurs, comfortable gliding of the femur against tibial and patellar surfaces promotes independence in ADL.


  • The custom molded iKnee is compressed for delivery manually or through a conduit into the capsule, then expanding to cover the condyles and trochlea. Fixation short term uses screws/predrilled holes; long term bone ingrowth, prepared arthroscopically.
  • Time required for iKnee placement is about 45 min using a primary ~3 cm incision and arthroscopic portals.
  • Then the iKnee device is inserted into the knee capsule. No muscle, tendons, or ligaments are cut.
  • iKnee femoral polymers pad and cushion joint interfaces, lubricated by synovial fluid, superimposed on standard orthopedic salvage procedures, while preserving patients’ joint structures


  • Restore neither physiologic joint function nor cartilage cushioning
  • Ablate remnant cartilage, bone, ligaments; create instability (remove ACL)
  • Implant metal/hard plastics, too often fail due to loosening infection, wear debris
  • Major surgeries requiring 4-10” incisions
  • Eliminate proprioception

iKnees are finally available for trials in patients with reasonable expectations.

Now 21st century safe PU materials pad knee femoral cartilage, cushioning stance and gait.

iKnee Benefits

iKnee addresses knee arthritis physiologically using robust safe soft pliable polymers in lieu of metal and hard PE

Does No Harm — whereas current technology destroys entire joint, discarding bone, cartilage and ligament precluding natural healing

Vastly more economical treatment, aims to reduce pain, improve ADL

Outpatient Minimally Invasive Surgery expected to save time & money

Faster recovery, immediate weight bearing, enables Right to Try

Return to activities of daily living in days, not months, during crisis will result in speedy return to comfortable human function.

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